About Us


Dance Deluxe is very excited about our brand new dance studio in Gilbert, AZ! We offer dance classes for children ages 2+.

At Dance Deluxe, our teachers are dedicated to enriching the lives of every child we teach. We strive to make each one of them feel like they are part of our Dance Deluxe Family. We do this by building relationships and showing them that we care about them not just as dancers but as young people who are as valuable as any “diamond”! We pride ourselves in treating each family that walks in our doors like our own family.

To give our students the best and safest dance environment,  our dance rooms are equipped with “floating” subfloors and no-slip marley floor to dance on.  This feature also protects the developing bones, and joints in our growing dancers. All of our rooms are covered in marley flooring which assists them with their technical performance at competitions and stage shows. To learn more about our “state of the art” facility, click here.